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On Duty: Purpose and Practice in Christian Correctional Chaplaincy, Chaplain Don Kasper

The Real World of Restorative Justice Ministry

Serving Time Serving Others: Acts of Kindness

Queen of Prison Ministry

Walking George

Best Resumes and Letters for Offenders

Best Jobs for Ex Offenders

When Prisoners Return: Why We Should Care

Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture

Ministry of the Saints in Restoration

​ Karla Faye Tucker: Set Free: Life and Faith on Death Row

Loved but Not Forgotten
, Rev. Chaplain Steven Hukona

Good to Great and Social Sectors, Jim Collins

​ Family Arrested: How to Survive the Incarceration of a Loved One
Engaging Truth

Video compilation of prison seminary students interviewed by Rev. D.V. Schultz, Rev. John Cain and Dr. Ben Phillips, Director of Seminary, Darrington prison unit Rosharon, Texas behalf of ELM programming.

The Heart of Texas
​ Award-winning documentary, the story of the Grove Norwood and Ulice Parker families and the tragedy that bound them inexplicably for a higher purpose.


How can you get involved? Here you will find suggestions, resources, and links to get started and/or amplify your Prison-Jail Ministry.

Leading Bible Study

​ Leading Worship Services Catechetical Instruction

​ Preparation for Baptism and Confirmation

​ Re-entry Programs

​ Prisoner Visitation Programs

​ Storybook Reading Program

Follow-Up Ministry

​ Mentoring Programs

Prisoner Seminary Programs

​ Prison Ministry Radio

ESL—English as a Second Language

​ Gifts for Children of Women in Prison

Jobs for Prisoners Post-Release Programs

​ Teaching in the Prisons Aside from English As a Second-Language (ESL)

Engaging Truth, KKHT 100.7 FM


​ ELM broadcasts God’s Truth by isolating the most relevant topics of the day and interviewing compelling guests who can articulate these compelling and sometimes controversial topics within the paradigm of God’s Word. In a culture centered on building strong social relationships and trust, the Living Word of God is unmatched in moving hearts and guiding souls. At no time in our history has science and technology taken center stage so predominately. Engaging Truth seeks to bridge the secular world and its issues to help its listeners solve our nation’s emotional and spiritual issues, and help them navigate with Christian faith.

Deep In The Heart KKHT 100.7 FM
Deep In The Heart is a 30-minute weekly devotional for the Incarcerated and the Free.

 Less Than The Least KKHT 100.7 FM

Less Than the Least with Zeke Young. Young was awarded the Governors’ Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award by the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice.


Deaconess Grace Rao Deaconess Ministries The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod 800-248-1930 x 1387 Prison/Jail Ministry Program ( 
Volunteer With the TDCJ:

One Star Foundation: State of Texas Faith-Based Initiative
Texas has long been a leader in reducing the obstacles that faith-based and community groups face when seeking to collaborate with each other and with state and federal government to better serve our communities. OneStar leads the Governor's Faith-Based and Community Initiative.

The initiative is focused on: Encouraging cross-sector collaborations between government, faith-based and community groups and other entities, such as private sector businesses, ensuring that faith-based and community groups are ready to succeed in their partnerships by strengthening their organizational capacity and their work together to achieve common goals, encouraging research and evaluation to measure the impact of these partnerships in effectively serving Texans in need.