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The Freedom Beyond Bars Conference Committee used the LCMS Mercy Care Operations model for developing the content, theme, and objectives of the first conference in April. Prison-Jail Ministry is considered a ‘Spoke’ In The LCMS Mercy Care Operations ‘Wheel’. This conference was intended as a step in the direction of coordinating a TOTAL CARE PROGRAM to:

To develop stronger interrelationship with Prison/Jail Ministry and the larger Mission of the LCMS World Missions, LWML, LLL 

​To coordinate Ministry with Prisoners Families, Victims of Crime, Crime Prevention, Social Justice Issues, Institutional Staff Worker with LCMS World Relief and Human Care

​To inform and share Prison-Jail Ministry consolidation efforts to all parts of church worldwide...

And to the community-at-large, especially as it pertains to church-related Seminary and University plans for the future.

To identify and implement a unified LCMS/Word/Sacrament, and a Law & Gospel-approach to connecting districts

​ To assist the LCMS Churches in addressing Criminal Justice Issues

    And Circuit District-Region Programs, including the address of questions/concerns received from churches/servants across synod

To assist LCMS Churches in addressing Criminal Justice Issues by individual State, and Nation

   To train, coordinate, recruit, and equip Prison-Jail Ministries

​   To identify and organize resolutions, displays, and publicity concerning Prison-Jail Ministries

  To implement and update the Prison/Jail Ministry blog, website, and social media on a regular basis in order to keep everyone informed

 ​To consolidate and maintain a Prison-Jail Ministry database

​     To expand the program (LCMS District D pastors, Circuit Leaders, teachers, Bible Class leaders, those 50+ individual Prison-Jail Ministries currently in existence immediately prior to conference, Department of Corrections leaders, educators, and politicians currently endorsing these efforts.

    To implement and maintain a social network for Prison-Jail Ministry and regularly communicate and make available to all lay and clergy, information, updates, resources, etc.